Psychotherapy for Individuals (55-minutes)                  $120

Psychotherapy for Couples (55 minutes)                       $120

Parent-Child Psychotherapy (55 minutes)                     $120

Make the Connection Parenting Education (55 minutes)       $110 plus $30 materials fee

Fees include HST.

Payment may be made in cash, cheque, PayPal or email fund transfers. Please make cheques payable to Claire Watson. Payments should be made at each session, or in the case of PayPal or email transfers, on the day of each session.

Receipts are provided on request.

Cancellation Policy:  If you must cancel, please provide 24 hours notice so I can schedule someone else in that time slot. Otherwise you will be charged for 50% of your fee for the missed appointment. I will make an exception to this if you are sick.

Insurance Coverage:  Private practice psychotherapy is not covered by all health care benefits unless you are a Registered Psychologist or Social Worker, which I am not. However, some health plans do cover Psychotherapists and I will provide receipts and documentation for you to give your health insurance administrator.