Attachment Consulting

“Make the Connection” Parenting Education (birth to three years)

As a parent or caregiver, a nurturing relationship with your child is crucial for your child’s positive sense of self, future success and enjoyment of life. This applies to all children from all walks of life, able-bodied or with special needs, biological or adopted. Today’s research confirms this.

Parenting education is less intensive than psychotherapy and is suited to parents who want to explore how to give their baby or toddler the best start in life amidst today’s conflicting advice and pressure to succeed.

From over 25 years of work with families, and from being a parent myself, I know that good intentions can get off track. Babies or toddlers may not be “easy” and parenting may be far more of a challenge than you expected.

My approach is to work with you on a program called Make the Connection® (MTC),  an attachment program for infants and toddlers that I’ve developed over the last 12 years.

MTC involves 6 to 12 sessions with parent(s) and their baby or toddler using play activities, teaching videos, photography to capture special connections with your baby, reflections on your parenting approach and developmental information. (See for a description of the program.)

Make the Connection may be appropriate if you

  • Lack confidence or ideas about how to nurture your baby or toddler
  • Lack parenting support from a partner or extended family
  • Are confused by today’s popular advice on how to raise a child
  • Want to do things differently from the way you were raised